The Campo family, a member of the Los Isleños people, migrated to Louisiana in between 1778 and 1785 from the Canary Islands. An offer of free land from the Spanish government enticed them to come to New Orleans. The family has lived in New Orleans since then.

Three generations have worked at the hotel.

Warren Campo Jr. is the great-great-grandson of the first Campo who immigrated to Louisiana. Born in New Orleans and a musician he was stationed in Bremerton, Washington, during World War II where he met and married Lela and moved back to New Orleans following the end of the war. By this time, Warren 'Larry' Campo III was born. Warren Jr.'s experience in a family owned music business made him a natural to be a purchasing agent for the hotel. Warren, Lela, and Larry bought the Hotel Villa Convento in 1983. They worked most everyday and would always be seen behind the desk. Warren Jr. the pioneer in the family passed away in July 09 and since Lela and Larry have retired. Lela now lives in Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans, and is doing well. Larry lives across the lake from New Orleans and is also doing well. Both Lela and Larry help out during busy times.

Paz and her mom Toña, our housekeepers, befriended Warren Jr. when they first immigrated to the US from El Salvador in the 70's, they have been with the hotel for the past 25 years.

The Campo family pride themselves by offering the old world charm desk service staffed by family and long time friends.